Economy and Innovation

National and international competition to attract skilled labour, investments and companies searching for new locations is stiffer than ever before.

Hence, attractive business locations offering high living standards are the best safeguard for the sustainability of regions, states and national economies.


+ Ensuring a reliable technical, physical and administrative infrastructure

+ Creating an environment for innovation and business start-ups that promotes growth

+ Providing suitable training for a skilled labour force and attractive incentives not to move away

+ Building networks in the business community and between companies and research and educational institutions

+ Using targeted marketing tools to differentiate a region from its competitors

We offer:

+ Developing location strategies for the public and private sector, such as states, regions and cities as well as industrial and technology parks

+ Building and managing networks across policy makers, administrative bodies, business, unions and resarch institutions

+ Analysing regional innovation and growth potential

+ Developing cross-sectoral strategies and action plans on economics and innovation

Selection of Reference Projects:

+ The development of the “Industriestadt 2010-2020” (industrial city 2010-2020) master plan for the German state of Berlin

+ Evaluation of the revised economic development policy as commissioned by a German state’s economics ministry

+ Funds prioritisation for the business development infrastructure for the Berliner Senatsverwaltung für Wirtschaft, Technologie und Frauen, Berlin (Senate Department for Economics, Technology and Women’s Issues).

+ The development of a future commercial concept for the current site of Berlin’s Tegel Airport after the airport’s scheduled decommissioning


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