It is a prime political aim and social necessity to increase the overall health of the population and ensure that it receives equitable health care, a concern challenged by several factors: demographic change, costly new technologies and drugs and health care systems’ troubled financial situations.


+ Identifying effective drugs and health services with high benefits and a good safety profile (i.e. low risks)

+ Increasing costs due to an aging population and technological advancement

+ High demands and expectations from society

+The pressure for innovation

We offer:

+ Benefit-risk assessments of drugs using Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA) and Decision Conferencing – both before, during and after approval (marketing authorisation)

  • identifying benefits and risks,
  • engaging key experts via Decision Conferencing

+ An integrated socio-technical approach to the prioritisation and strategic budgeting of health services (commissioning):

  • identifying benefit-cost-ratios (value for money analysis),
  • engaging key stakeholders via Decision Conferencing (commissioners, providers, doctors, patient representatives, health care experts, local community representatives, etc.)

Selection of Reference Projects:

+ Benefit-risk assessments of drugs based on Multi Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA) and Decision Conferencing in the context of approval processes of the European Medicines Agency (EMA) for international pharmaceutical companies

+ Socio-technical strategic budgeting of health care services (commissioning) for the United Kingdom’s National Health Service. This involved a series of stakeholder workshops and a decision conference and integrating the results into a five-year strategy plan designed to guide the work of a primary care trust (PCT).


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