Successful strategies are a product of passion and the courage to blaze new trails. So we in turn believe that innovation is the product of new perspectives on current situations and contexts.

This principle guides our efforts with our clients to develop solutions tailored to their needs that are backed by our strategy expertise and proven ability to engage key stakeholders. Our approach contribtes to high quality results and the implementation of the chosen strategy right from the start.

Our strategy proficiency is rooted in the quality of our concepts and analytical skills, and we use our content and methodology expertise to develop pioneering strategies that give decision-makers a solid basis for action. The extensive range of tools in our toolbox include:

  • Development of strategies that embody vision, strategic objectives, fields of activity and suitable measures
  • Analysis of political fields, markets, industries, regions and technologies
  • Cross-sector stakeholder analyses
  • Scenario analyses
  • Site selection and development
  • Strategic appraisal and benefit-risk assessment using Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA)
  • Evaluation of strategies, programmes and projects
  • Portfolio optimisation (e.g. in R&D)
  • Budget prioritisation and ressource allocation (e.g. in the context of commissiong health services)
  • The development of strategic controlling and management systems as well as of results-orientated controlling systems

Mobilising key players works through dialogue. Effective Engaging is based on innovative dialogue processes such as strategy workshops and decision conferences. These processes build on 35 years of experience in Decision Analysis at the London School of Economics and Political Science.

We systematically engage key players in the development and implementation of strategies. This reinforces effective dialogue and cooperation in cross-sectoral networks and rallies unique skill sets and expertise inside and outside our clients’ organisations.

Right from the start, we are focused on seeing a project through to implementation. This broadens the set of knowledge and ideas and ensures high quality results that are accepted by stakeholders involved.

Here is a selection of our services:

  • Strategy development based on stakeholder analysis and dialogue – the engaging of key stakeholders and target groups in the development of innovative strategies and action plans
  • Planning and managing complex change processes
  • Building and managing networks across government, civil society and private sector
  • Implementing and evaluationg strategy and action plans
  • Planning, implementing and facilitating multi-stakeholder dialogue and engagement processes, strategy workshops and decision conferences

Our consulting approach enables participants to think innovatively, to create new solutions, to understand different perspectives and to realise new potential. Our specialist expertise spans seven topics:


Cornelius Schaub