As a strategy consultancy, we contribute to the public welfare and sustainability of our society.

In particular, we advise governments, administrative bodies, companies and foundations that work towards positive social change.

We provide our clients with pioneering strategies and engage their key stakeholders to increase their commitment wherever government, business and civil society meet.

The Decision Institute's expertise in these matters spans seven sectors:

Strategiekompetenz | Mobilisierungskompetenz

Our strategy proficiency is based on clear conceps and sound empirical analysis. We draw on our sectoral and methodological expertise to devise pioneering strategies, and in doing so, provide orientation to decision-makers.

Getting key players on-board goes hand-in-hand with holding an active dialogue. Internal and external stakeholders play an active part in the development and implementation of our clients' strategies. By maximising this shared knowledge base and expertise, we ensure top quality results that are readily accepted and supported by the parties involved.

We rely on a network of experienced experts and work with high-calibre institutions such as the London School of Economics and Political Science, Stanford University, the Hertie School of Governance and A.T. Kearney .


Cornelius Schaub