The sustainability of what’s known as our knowledge economy and the future of our society depends on education and a highly qualified labour force.

Improving the quality of and access to education is key to steady employment and prosperity within a society.

Higher overall educational standards also strengthen social cohesion and provide the basis for personal development.


+ Children increasingly face the threat of poverty

+ The educational system does not allow for sufficient social mobility

+ There are not enough effective services for socially disadvantaged families

This results in a loss of educational potential that we as a society cannot afford.

We offer:

+ Strategy development in the following areas (a selection)

  • educational equity and success
  • educational paths and decisions
  • lifelong learning and continued education
  • innovation
  • civil engagement and corporate responsibility
  • child poverty

+ Strategic management and controlling for administrative bodies in education

Selection of Reference Projects:

+ Commissioned study – Wege weisen: Mehr Bildungserfolg durch bessere Bildungsentscheidungen (pointing the way: greater educational success through better educational decisions)

+ The development of improved information services for a foundation focused on educational transitions.


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