Decision Analysis

Decision analysis is one of our fields of expertise augmenting our focus on strategy development, public governance and strategic management. In 2008 the Decision Institute started an international initiative for the establishment of a Decision Analysis network. This network has expanded since then and today it connects more than 50 institutions and consultancies specialising in decision analysis (DA World Map).

Decision analysis is an interdisciplinary field that integrates elements of economics, psychology, behavioural sciences and operational research.

Decision analysis methods have been successfully applied for more than 35 years by decision analysts from the London School of Economics (LSE), amon others in the following areas:


Decision analysis methods make it possible to increase efficiency by up to 25 percent. This benefit is especially notable when limited funds have to be used constructively and prioritisation decisions have to be made in an understandable, accountable way. Relevant examples of such decisions are R&D portfolio optimisation, commissioning of health services, site selection and marketing activities.

Decision analytic methods are applied to the following areas:


Additional possibilities for applying these methods include:sind:

  • Budgeting and planning (e.g. strategic urban planning)
  • The analysis of bid invitations (e.g. assessment of project proposals)
  • Location decisions (e.g. atomic waste storage)
  • Strategy development (e.g. evaluation of climate policy)
  • Choosing technologies (e.g. analysis of waste disposal alternatives)
  • Negotiations (e.g. pay disputes)
  • Portfolio optimisation (e.g. analysis and strategic prioritisation in the pharmaceuticals sector)
  • Public spending decisions (e.g. defence and military equipment spending)
  • Project evaluation (e.g. evaluation of public funding requests)
  • Strategic resource allocation (e.g. strategic budgeting for marketing measures)
  • Product planning and development (e.g. evaluation of customer loyalty strategies)


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