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Life-long learning and training is important for executives to enhance their knowledge base, sectoral and methodological skill set and personal development. These are important factors for an organisation’s success, ensuring that the development and implementation of strategies and projects are in line with its objectives. Our executive and non-executive workshops are designed to consolidate and enhance these capabilities.

Experiential learning, interactive teamwork and simulations increase our workshop participants’ abilities to apply (among others) the following analytical and dialogue-orientated methods:

  • Approaches to strategic management and analysis (e.g. the development of strategic objectives with quantifiable sub-criteria)
  • Methods for the development, assessment and selection of (new) alternative actions and policies, strategic project prioritisation and the efficient allocation of limited resources
  • Stakeholder engagement processes for consolidating knowledge across departments.

The ability to make decisions effectively and to manage structured decision processes is an important skill in today’s complex work environments. We offer “Decision Capability” workshops to fulfil this need for our clients. Participants are introduced to methods for coping with the flow and complexity of information in their professional and private lives and for making decisions quicker and more effectively.

Upon completion, workshop participants take away

  • An increased awareness and understanding of common mistakes and factors influencing the success of decision-making processes both for individuals and groups
  • Skills in applying the PrOACT model for effective decision-making in complex decision situations (such as strategic decisions or career choice)

All of our workshops are tailored specifically to the needs and expectation of our clients. Feel free to contact us for more information.

References (Selection):

+ Hertie School of Governance
Executive Seminars “Smart Decisions in Government”

+ Hertie School of Governance
Executive Seminar “Strategic Management”

+ Stiftung Mercator
“Decision Capability” workshops for people working in international organisations

+ Deutsche Bahn AG
Executive Training “Multiple-Criteria Decision Analysis”

+ Tönissteiner Kreis
“Decision Analysis” Workshop: common mistakes in decision making and effective strategies to avoid them


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