Public Governance and Organisational Development

Virtually all large organisations are confronted with complex organisational management and change processes. Keys success factors are clearly defined objectives, a systematic engagement process to account for stakeholder interests and effective internal management processes.

Results-orientated management focuses on those objectives and on what a particular organisation needs to do in order to achieve them.

Resources are efficiently deployed on the basis of fact-based dialogue. The interests and needs of the parties involved are integrated into the planning and activities right from the start through stakeholder dialogues. Management that is guided by results and dialogue opens the door to a change process with high benefits for management and employees. There is an improvement in the effectiveness and acceptance of the organisation’s actions and the work of the organisation as a whole is simplified, thanks to clear objectives and a better understanding of stakeholder needs.


+ A dynamic environment (globalisation, demographic change, financial pressure, debt ceilings and climate change) and the rising expectations of society, key stakeholders and the media

+ An insufficient institutional foothold of strategy and management capacity (the basis for a learning process)

+ Insufficient communication (silo mentality), support and motivation for change processes

We offer:

+ Developing strategic management systems (performance management) to lead an organisation via clear objectives, impact orientiation and dialogue. These systems also support a clear documentation and external communication of results.

+ Dialogue-orientated change management – because the longer change is postponed, the more complex and expensive it will be

Selection of Reference Projects:

+ The development of a strategic management approach focused on results and dialogue for a German State Chancellary

+ A policy cockpit for a more effective management of family policy for the German state of North-Rhine Westphalia’s “Ministerium für Generationen, Familie, Frauen und Integration” (Ministry for Generations, Family, Women and Integration)

+ The development of a method for evaluating the impact and performance of non-profit organisations (for PHINEO (a German platform for social investors)

+ Strategic change process for the State Chancellery of the German state of North-Rhine Westphalia

+ Advancement of the German government’s national e-government strategy (facilitated by an online participation format)

+ Optimisation of strategic planning processes for German rail company Deutsche Bahn AG


Cornelius Schaub