Demographics and Employment

The current demographic change will continue. The causes of falling population numbers can only be countered by medium and long-term strategies coming from local communities and the state and national governments in collaboration with the private and third sector.

Those regions acutely affected by today’s demographic change are caught in a downward spiral. Residential space is unoccupied, skilled labour and suitable infrastructure are becoming scarce and both purchasing power and consumer demand are dropping. As a result, the overall quality of life suffers as does the incentive to stay in or move to those regions. Nevertheless, there are ways to manage this trend.


+ Counteracting factors which lead to people leaving a region

+ Taking advantage of the specific opportunities in a region; identifying areas of growth potential and implementing change

+ Consolidating the knowledge and skills of key local players

+ Engaging civil society, comanpies and the political sector at the local and regional levels

We offer:

+Developing “demographic strategies” and action plans for the future of regions undergoing demographic change

+ Analyses of population development and the causes and effects of demographic shifts

+ Planning and managing the implementation of such strategies at the state and regional level

Selection of Reference Projects:

+ The development of a cross-departmental demographic strategy for the German state of Brandenburg’s State Chancellery


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