Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility

Sustainable management secures a company’s value and its long-term competitiveness. Companies that assume corporate responsibility also create social and ecological values that mutually reinforce each other while strengthening the business sector.

So every company has an inherent interest in taking responsibility for itself and for society based on an effective sustainability strategy.


+ Integrating sustainability aspects into a company’s strategy

+ Realising synergies between economic, social and ecological aspects of a company’s business

+ Using sustainability projects to strengthen innovation and identify market potential

+ Generating a greater commitment among a company’s stakeholders and customers

We offer:

+ Effective sustainability strategies for increasing a company’s value and innovative potential

+ Integrating sustainable business practices into a company’s overall strategy and business areas

+ Engaging key internal and external stakeholders

Selection of Reference Projects:

+ Development of a large German telecommunication company’s corporate responsibility strategy


Cornelius Schaub